Finally, the truth about UFOS, Crop Circles and the 1969 New York Mets, all in one slim paperback with lots of cool pictures ...

Flying Saucers Are Everywhere!

     "It's a great bathroom read!" 
                               Chaz Fernandez, ABC Radio 
Flying Saucers Are Everywhere!
     "I was rolling on the floor! 
Then I decided to stop and read Tom 
McHugh's book, and, you know, it 
was pretty darn funny.
   Tom Weller, author of Science Made Stupid 

     "It's fun!  Just read it from 
beginning to end if you want to sit 
there and chuckle a lot.
     "The book is very, very funny ... 
reminds me very much of Woody 
Allen.  Woody Allen was inspired by 
S.J. Perelman and now, in the 
future, people are going to say, 
'I've been inspired by Tom McHugh.'"
   Norm Nathan, WBZ Radio 

"A humorous look at everything you've ever wanted to know about flying saucers. Parody is alive and well." The Skeptical Inquirer

"Satire may well have slid out- of-bounds." UFO Magazine

     "Nanu Nanu."
                  Mork, From Ork 

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