In this month in 1969 The Beatles released their famous Yellow Submarine Album. Most people don't realize it but this entire album was actually written and composed by aliens and telepathically beamed into the minds of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in order to extend the control of the aliens over humanity. The "yellow submarines" mentioned in the title song are actually alien spacecraft which are able to fly under the ocean where they have built several bases.

In 1969 there was a lot of UFO activity in our oceans and many of these objects were seen entering and leaving the ocean. In order to cover themselves, the aliens influenced the youths of the world to become obsessed with psychedelic drugs and music so they would not question the appearance of their spaceships in our oceans. That way they could move from their bases on the moon which NASA was preparing to explore later that year.

These underwater bases are the reason behind all the mysterious disappearances that have occurred in certain parts of the world like The Bermuda Triangle. A lot of ships, planes and people disappear from these areas because they collide with the alien craft or they see the craft and have to be taken away so they don't reveal the location of the base.

In addition to The Bermuda Triangle, some other dangerous polygons known for mysterious occurrences are The Falkland Funnel, off the coast of the Falkand Islands where sailors who stay too long have been known to abandon their ships, disrobe on the beach and dance naked among the penguins.

In the jungle of Madagascar there is the Madagascar Moon Pie, an area shaped like a moon pie with a bite taken out of it. Anyone who enters this area loses his hat and can only get it back by tracking down a clan of native squirrel monkeys and defeating the dominant male in a dung throwing contest.

And, in eastern Russia, there is a place called The Siberian Spiral. All currency that enters this troubled zone completely vanishes, or, even worse, is converted into rubles at the official exchange rate.

You can read about these and other areas of mysterious disappearances in Flying Saucers Are Everywhere, which you can order here, through on-line bookstore.

But, back to the point, if you know of any other famous rock songs that were or may have been written by aliens, please send us an email and let us know the song and any evidence or reasons why you think it was composed by aliens. If we get enough interest we could have a good old-fashioned, paranoidal record-burning to encourage Earthlings to resist this alien programming.

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