In this month in 1979, ABC Television announced that it would begin a special news program called "America Held Hostage", tracking the fate of Americans detained in the Iranian Embassy. This program, which supposedly sprung up out of a need for news coverage of a high profile terrorist event, went on to become the highest rated news show ever to be anchored by man with a beaver pelt toupee.

Anchorman Ted Koppel, a native of Lancaster, England and a member of the Trilateral Commission, has used the show to catapult his career and to influence world history. Since it evolved into "Nightline", the show has made Koppel a star and done much to influence the downfall of America. Koppel has used the show to espouse the World Government's opinions on controversial issues like UFO abductions, near death experiences and irritable bowel syndrome.

But was the Iranian hostage crisis itself engineered by Ted Koppel? Consider this: The original airing of "America Held Hostage" was anchored by Tim Reynolds, not Ted Koppel. So where was Koppel that night? A few reliable European tourists who were vacationing in Tehran that day said they think they saw Koppel outside the embassy at the beginning of the crisis. In fact, some said they saw him burning American flags and chanting "death to the Great Satan." At least they think he was saying that, they can't be sure because none of the tourists spoke Iranian, but there was definitely some chanting going on and one of the people appeared to be wearing a beaver pelt underneath his fez.

I don't want to make any suggestions, but where would Ted Koppel be now if it weren't for world terrorism? A little bit of paranoidal history we can all ponder in month 205 of American Television Held Hostage.

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