Dr. Saucer is not, technically speaking, a real medical doctor, psychologist or even a dentist. In fact, he lacks a college degree of any kind but he does have enormous insight into the study of saucers. Dr. Saucer is an experienced potter and designer of fine porcelain vases, pots, plates and, yes, saucers. But, in recent years, Dr. Saucer has also become very experienced in the study of UFOs and alien abductions.

"It was purely by mistake that I first got involved in alien abduction research," the doctor says. "I was invited to speak at a UFO conference on the different materials involved in the construction of saucers. Apparently my reputation as an expert on porcelain saucers had been confused with the issue of flying saucers and someone thought I had a theory on what the latter type were composed of. Well, I delivered my address to a very interested and receptive audience and answered dozens of questions without any of us realizing the mistake."

"It wasn't until I got back to my workshop that I realized something was wrong. I started to get a series of visitors from the UFO conference who wanted me to hypnotize them to see if they could recover memories of 'missing time.' Well, I decided if these people needed me that bad, I could use some supplementary income so I took a quick course in hypnosis and the rest is history."

That history has made Dr. Saucer one of the foremost UFOlogists of our time. He has since uncovered thousands of cases of alien abductions that might otherwise have had to be uncovered by some other hypnotist. Dr. Saucer has been so successful in his research, in fact, that the MEN IN BLACK have tried to shut him down, accusing him of coercing his patients to pose nude for him while they are under hypnosis. Fortunately, since pottery and nude sculpting are not licensed by the government, no one has been able to stop Dr. Saucer from continuing his quest for the truth.

Saucers.com is happy to have Dr. Saucer use his unique experience to answer your questions about missing time, alien abductions or breakthroughs in the field of pottery. If you are interested in asking a question of Dr. Saucer, or in purchasing a copy of his latest work, "Hypnotic Nudes in Porcelain," please send us an e-mail.

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